Terra Firma

About Us

Terra-Firma was founded and is run by Mr. Narasingham and is located near Auroville, in Pondicherry. Mr. Narasingham carries with him over 40 years of experience in building, construction and farming.


In 1972, at the age of nineteen, Narasingham started his career as a helper on construction sites in Auroville. He moved on to become a mason in 4years. He honed his skills in all aspects of building construction from rammed earth to exposed brick work, exposed concrete work, filler slabs, etc. His expertise now lies in making ferrocrete structures, of any form and shape. After spending over 30years as a mason, he took on to contracting and executing projects.

With a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of building construction, he blended in his skill and experience to contract and execute large scale projects like the gated community Amedi in Yellagiri as well as umpteen projects in and around Auroville.

Mr.Narasingham focuses on blending vernacular techniques of building with modern green building technologies like ferrocrete, filler slab etc. The highlight of his structures is that he uses local material and skill. Materials such as  locally available stone, lime, clay tiles, old wood, athankudi tiles, polished cement work etc. Focusing on these traditional techniques he is keeping these fading crafts and skills alive. He emphasises on green building technologies that merge ancient wisdom and modern technology, as these are the techniques that have been prescribed for hundreds of years in our country, except that it wasn’t branded then!




Apart from building construction, he is a passionate farmer. He has his own kitchen garden and chicken coop at home. He also offers the services of maintaining plots by growing seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as cultivation of paddy, millets, grams etc ,all of them organically. Apart from multi cropping he also manages animals like cows, goats and chickens on a farm, so that there is income generation.